El Pueblo de San Diego Founded, The Natives Attack, The Pueblo Lands, & Incorporating as a US City

George Farrar presents an epic show in the History San Diego series that follows how San Diego became El Pueblo de San Diego, how The Dons of San Diego built up the pueblo under Mexican rule by using political pressure, importing the Hijar colonists, and building homes, yet lost the official pueblo status to native unrest, but thru the mapping of the Pueblo Lands carried forward land claims thru the Mexican American War, U.S. statehood and adjudication in the 1850s and 1860s as the city was incorporated in 1850 with over 47,000 acres being granted in an 1874 land patent that the city would have to lease and sell off into the 20th century. View copies of the original patent, a land grant, and deed, records of the 1st meeting of the San Diego City Council in 1850 & “Ordinance #1”, court records, and other artifacts and histories of the time. Enjoy learning about San Diego and California’s early history amidst the chaos, turbulence, and violence in the 1830s and 1840s as the 2 great powers-The United States and The Republic of Mexico fought while locally, the native population made the last efforts to take back their homeland from the Californio and American settlers.

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