In October, 2011, I created The Left Turn Network as an online forum with which to share my ideas and creative works. As part of this effort, I began the flagship YouTube channel –

now known as Explorin’ with George – YouTube

This web site opened around 2013.

My goals here in 2022, are to:

  • Share with you shows about American History, with a focus on California and Florida history.

  • Present “Explorin’ With George” and “History San Diego!” shows about San Diego County.

  • Present shows about the History of Jacksonville, Florida-my original hometown.

  • Build a library and archive of historical resources available to all.

As always, all of my shows are in one place

here at

Thanks for your interest in

George Farrar

El Cajon, California

January 18, 2022


Filming at Mission Trails Regional Park in December, 2021 near El Cajon, California