In 2020, all we can hope for is a clarity of vision for our nation.

Today, I unveil the new logo for The Left Turn, a Media Network that I founded in 2011.

Over the years, Progressives from all over have joined The Left Turn on Facebook and You Tube

to find out what’s happening and to express ideas about the present and future course of the United States and the world around us.

As we approach the 2nd decade of The Left Turn, It’s time to sharpen our focus.

In the early days of The Left Turn, I discussed news and commentary by video.

Currently, I analyze events throughout the world and present my insights here.

Increasingly, I choose to write or to present you a topical film, while sharing the global news of interest in real time.

My goal here in 2020, is to:

  • bring you a comprehensive analysis of the national issues from my perspective as a new resident in Southern California thru special articles.
  • Promote the candidacy of US Senator Bernie Sanders for the Democratic Nomination for the Presidency
  • Invite your opinion on emerging events and issues thru polling.
  • Provide you details about international affairs and governments throughout the world.

Great challenges are ahead:

The 2020 Democratic Presidential Primaries.

Economic and Infrastructure Concerns in the United States.

Brexit-and the possible splitting of The United Kingdom

China-and it’s role in trade

North Korea

The Social Credit Phenomenon

And what I call “The Russia Thing”

So it’s time to get to work to understand our world better and to enlist the best possible actions for reform.

As always, all of our shows are in one place here at

I’ll have more for you in the new year…..

Wishing you the best this Holiday Season.


George Farrar

December 15, 2019