Welcome to Memories For The People-A new channel dedicated to telling the stories of the people of the United States, focusing on the times since 1945, created and presented by George Farrar. In our first show, George introduces himself and talks about the mission of the channel: To share our common experiences ranging from politics to culture while recognizing our unique roles in time.

Current Videos for the Channel which re-started operations in November, 2023 are available on the main page of this web site. Pre-2023 videos are available here.

Today on Memories for the People, George Farrar talks about Walt Disney’s visionary plans for where Disney World is today and shows you maps and blueprints of what he had originally planned, which is very different than what was constructed after his death.
Today on Memories for the People, George Farrar presents a tribute to the epic dark ride at Disney’s EPCOT Center that from 1983-1999 showed visions of the future.
Enjoy over 100 pictures and illustrations of The Oval Office-where the President of the United States meets and greets people from all over the world. From Presidents William Howard Taft to Donald J. Trump , George takes you inside The Oval Office to see the American Presidency in a way you have never seen before.
Enjoy pictures and illustrations in this retrospective of what the old Florida State Capitol Building in Tallahassee looked like from 1845 into the 1970’s and beyond, when it was repurposed as a Museum after the new capitol opened.