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Welcome to theleftturnnetwork.com

In October, 2011, I created The Left Turn Network as an online vehicle with which to share my ideas and creative works. As part of this effort, I began the flagship channel – now known as Explorin’ with George – YouTube

This web site opened almost a decade ago- around 2013.   

Explorin’ with George

In May, 2019, I moved to El Cajon, California.  I began broadcasting the first “Explorin’ with George” shows later that Summer to share my films where I experienced all that San Diego County has to offer.

    History San Diego!

In 2020 amidst the pandemic, I announced that production of the “History San Diego!” series would begin in the Fall of 2021.

In the Fall of 2021-Season 1 began on YouTube – on a dedicated History San Diego channel:

History San Diego – YouTube

Each episode of this series is a comprehensive documentary of the historic place or moment. 

Welcome to History San Diego!
The 2022-23 “History San Diego!”
Season #2 Broadcast Schedule
Future Shows Ahead
Show #10 10/30/2022
San Diego in the North American Context, The 1803 “Louisiana Purchase” The 1812 Earthquake and the Closing Days of The Presidio
On Occasion in our series, I analyze San Diego’s role in an incredibly dynamic and politically volatile North American Continent.
Show #11 November,2022
The Spanish Empire Loses San Diego As The Mexicans Declare Independence – A Study of What Happened
I’ll talk with you about the huge political and social changes that were catapulting San Diego into a vibrant 19th century.
Show #12 December,2022
TBA (1821-1830)
Show #13 January, 2023
TBA (1821-1830)
Show #14 February, 2023
TBA (1821-1830) OR Wild Card
Show #15 March, 2023
TBA *San Diego in The North American Context (1830-1847) OR Wild Card
Show #16 April, 2023
TBA (1848-1855) OR Wild Card
Show #17 May, 2023
Season #2 Finale – Fieldtrip to Balboa Park
Already Available for Viewing-Show links are below along with my
Thoughts on The Road Ahead thru 2023
I’m going to be very slow and methodical over the next year as we explore the founding years of San Diego-from a possession to a pueblo to a city. I am going to leave no stone unturned-I want to talk about the land, the places, and the people and develop these stories in a fluent manner that you’ll enjoy. The schedule above is a rough sketch in progress. I anticipate various “Fieldtrips” around the city as one of my goals in 23′ is to go on location and show you our area’s history in living color and in the present context. While I’ve decided to move thru our series in a chronological manner for now –From now on-every season I’ll broadcast at least 1 “Wild Card” show which will be a place or moment at any point in time of my choosing-for you to enjoy.
Season #1 (shows 1-8)
Show #1 10/2/21
Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo Discovers San Diego Bay
Show #2 10/31/21
How San Diego Got It’s Name , The 1602 Exploration of San Diego Bay by Sebastián Vizcaíno
Show #3 11/26/21
The Kumeyaay- The First People of San Diego
Show # 4 12/27/21
The 1769 Conquest & The Founding of Mission San Diego de Alcalá by Junipero Serra
Show # 5 2/27/22 The Early Years at Mission San Diego de Alcala and The Revolt of 1775
Show #6 The Anza Expedition, North America 1763-1775, Early Maps of San Diego Bay
Show #7 Life at The Mission and Presidio from 1775-1797,Securing The Bay, Fort Guijarros,
Show #8 May, 2022 Season #1 Finale “Fieldtrip” to Balboa Park and Summary of The 1st Season of History San Diego (spanning 1542-1797)
The 2022 1st Annual “Summer Show”
The Pacific Milestone Story
Please Stay Tuned to This Page for Future Updates
***Please note that all times, topics, & locations are tentative and subject to change. My goal in our 2nd season is to present you with 9 shows thru May, 2023. Our seasons run from September thru May. A special “Summer Show” is broadcast every Summer in August.
 I have a lot planned over Season 2.
Take Care!
George Farrar
“History San Diego!”
(revised 10/29/22)
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                             The Jacksonville History Film Project 2012-2022

In April, 2013, I created- what is now known as- The Jax Life Channel – on YouTube-

TheJaxLife – YouTube

focused on the local politics, government, history and culture of Jacksonville, Florida (my city of residence for over 30 years).

In 2022, in a special broadcast in observance of the city’s Bicentennial, the channel was dedicated to the People of the City of Jacksonville, and I ended regular broadcast operations on that channel.

I curate historic films, images, illustrations, and archives. The films appear in playlists on each of the YouTube channels.

                                       @ExploringwithGeorge on TikTok

These day I have even more shows…in even more places….

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for some cool history shows for you to enjoy!

It is my hope that these words have given you some insight into what I’m up to. I encourage you to please enjoy my shows and if you have any interest in creative collaboration, business opportunities, or have questions, please feel free to reach out.


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