In October, 2011, I created The Left Turn Network as an online vehicle with which to share my ideas and creative works. As part of this effort, I began the flagship channel – now known as Explorin’ with George – YouTube

This web site opened around 2013.   

Explorin’ with George

In May, 2019, I moved to El Cajon, California.  I began broadcasting the first “Explorin’ with George” shows later that Summer to share my films where I experience all that San Diego County has to offer.

Here is a show for you to enjoy 🙂 

On January 1, 2022 , I filmed from the Blue Line trolley from the 12th and Imperial Transit Center to America Plaza. It was a lively and musical ride as the trolley passed thru Downtown San Diego so I had to film it for you to enjoy 🙂 It even has classic and contemporary music from riding passengers which made for an interesting view of the urban streetscape.

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The Explorin’ series is a great way to begin to see the historical and cultural places all around the county, to share them with you, and also to learn .

    History San Diego!

In 2020, I announced that production of the “History San Diego!” series will begin in the Fall of 2021 – once pandemic restrictions are lifted- which will enable full filming projects (indoors and outdoors).

In the Fall of 2021-Season 1 began on YouTube on a dedicated History San Diego channel 

History San Diego – YouTube

Each episode of this series is a comprehensive documentary of the historic place or moment. 

TheJaxLife – YouTube

In April, 2013, I created- what is now known as- The Jax Life Channel – on YouTube- which focused on the local politics, government, history and culture of Jacksonville, Florida (my city of residence for over 30 years). The channel will remain in operation thru 2022 (the 200th anniversary of the founding of the city). In 2022, in a special broadcast, the channel will be dedicated to the People of the City of Jacksonville, and I will then end broadcast operations on that channel.

I also curate historic films, images, illustrations, and archives.

The films appear in playlists on each of the YouTube channels.

It is my hope that these words have given you some insight into what I’m up to. I encourage you to please enjoy my shows and if you have any interest in creative collaboration, business opportunities, or have questions, please feel free to reach out.


George Farrar,  Filmmaker & Founder of The Left Turn Network


The Left Turn Network- Founded in 2011

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