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How I Created The History Jacksonville Show-It Was Not As Easy As It Looks

In the 84th episode of the History Jacksonville series, George Farrar talks about what inspired him to create The History Jacksonville series on YouTube which spanned the years 2012-2020. Stay Tuned later in May for The Grand Finale of History Jacksonville! Seasonal History Jacksonville Specials will broadcast here in Fall, 2020-spanning thru Spring, 2021. We’re […]

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“The Russia Thing”

  • “The Russia Thing”

January 1, 2020 It’s time for us to get a clear vision about what is happening. It’s time to talk about “The Russia Thing”. In 2016, as slimeball and real estate failure Donald Trump was running for President, I began learning about the Russian involvement in manipulating the election in the dark corners of social […]

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JAX 86 -Building The Jacksonville Landing, Convention Center Opens, The Old Midway Drive In

George Farrar presents JAX 86 – Jacksonville as it was in the Year 1986. George talks about the construction of The Jacksonville Landing, the opening of the new Convention Center, the Ramses II exhibit, and the old Midway Drive In, as he reminisces about growing up in Jacksonville at age 11. This show includes a […]

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Explorin’ San Diego with George-Great views of San Diego Bay, the USS Midway, and Downtown

Welcome to the series premiere of “Explorin’ with George” where George Farrar, in this first episode, brings you the beauty of San Diego Bay, the USS Midway, and Downtown on Saturday, August 10, 2019. This first show starts off the series which will profile the great places of the San Diego metro area as George […]

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Our Jacksonville History since 1822 at The MOSH- Museum of Science and History

History Jacksonville is back with a profile of and a visit to our Museum of Science & History (MOSH). George Farrar talks about the history of the museum over the years and the future expansion plans. Enjoy learning about Jacksonville’s history with pictures from various exhibits. The show includes film of The St Johns Riverfront […]

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