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Jacksonville Drive-Ins of Yesteryear-The Midway, The Fox, The Playtime, and even more

On this episode of History Jacksonville, we look back on how cool it was to go to Drive Ins in Jacksonville back in the 1970’s and 1980’s. George reflects about fun times he had back then and profiles The Midway, The Fox, The Playtime…and even more.

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JAX 87 Jacksonville in 1987 The Landing Opens, Tommy Hazouri Takes Over

George Farrar presents JAX 87 – Jacksonville as it was in the Year 1987. George talks about the opening of The Jacksonville Landing, the legacy of Mayor Jake Godbold and the agenda of the new Mayor- Tommy Hazouri as he reminisces about growing up in Jacksonville at age 12. This show is one episode in […]

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HORIZONS-Imagining The Future at Disney’s EPCOT Center 1983-1999-A Tribute

Today on Memories for the People, George Farrar presents a tribute to the epic dark ride at Disney’s EPCOT Center that from 1983-1999 showed visions of the future. Stay tuned here for more about America’s amazing culture-including television, film, music, and more.

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