The Assassination of President Kennedy- At The Scenes of The Biggest Crime in American History

*** Age Restricted 18+ Only By Order of YouTube***

Let’s now take a comprehensive look at The Assassination of President John F. Kennedy- at all angles at The Scenes of The Biggest Crime in American History. Some people say it was just Lee Harvey Oswald at The Texas School Book Depository (the Warren Commission finding) , others say he was part of a hit squad, others maintain as he did, that he was a patsy. The layout of the scenes of the crime include inside and outside the Depository, Dealey Plaza, and The Grassy Knoll. The ending is a tribute to Secret Service Agent Clint Hill who, in a heroic act, jumped on to the back of the speeding limousine. ***Please note that due to scenes of the assassination from photos of the infamous Zapruder film this video is restricted to viewers 18 years of age or over. The Memories for the People Channel on You Tube has returned to operation with more shows ahead planned here into 2024 beginning with this series.

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