Exploring San Diego History at Casa de Estudillo in Old Town San Diego-HSD Landmark #1 Profile

History San Diego returns to the timeline of the 1820s by starting to focus on historical landmarks beginning with Casa de Estudillo in Old Town San Diego. Learn about one of the oldest places in California and a powerful early settler family over 3 generations: The Estudillos. George presents you the best of the museum and garden, along with additional resources-to discover how the house survived over the years-to be reconstructed from an early settler home to “Ramona’s Marriage Place” to the state museum we see today. Stay Tuned in April for “Origins of San Diego Power–The Mexican Government & San Diego Settlers, Land Grants and The Ranchos”. All of our shows are at theleftturnnetwork.com HSD Note: History San Diego Landmark Profile #1 3/25/23

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