The Left Turn / Jax Left Voter Guide for The 2016 General Election

Snapshot 1 (8-14-2016 6-02 PM)

Please Vote on Your Duval County General Election ballot:

For President of The United States of America     Hillary Rodham Clinton

For United States Senator     Patrick Murphy

For Representative in Congress

District 4: David Bruderly

District 5: Al Lawson

For Clerk of the Circuit Court      Paula Bartlett      

County Referendum 1 :  Slot Machines in Jacksonville     No 

Constitutional Amendment 1: Restrict Solar Energy Subsidies   No 

Constitutional Amendment 2:  Legalizing The Use of a natural plant called Marijuana for treatment of debilitating conditions only.    Yes

Constitutional Amendment 3: Homestead Tax Exemption for Totally & Permanently Disabled First Responders    No

Constitutional Amendment 4: Homestead Tax Exemption for Certain Senior, Low-Income,
Long-Term Residents; Determination of Just Value                      Yes

Thanks for Making The Left Turn,

George Farrar

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