San Diego History-Origins of San Diego Power-The Dons of San Diego- The Early Settlers & The Ranchos

The History San Diego Show returns to the 1820s – After conquering the area in 1769-The Spanish Empire had imposed “The Mission System” on The Native Americans Join George as he talks with you about 1820s San Diego just before the mission system was ending in the 1830s. In 1821, The Spanish Empire collapsed amidst The Mexican War of Independence-(previously discussed in our series)–and The San Diego Presidio was surrendered with the takeover by the Army of the newly independent nation of Mexico in 1822. Enjoy photographs, illustrations and maps depicting life in early San Diego. Meet “The Dons of San Diego”-early settlers – the first local powers who would eventually help to create the pueblo of San Diego in the 1830s. George discusses his plans for the series ahead.

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