Jax 80 Jacksonville in 1980 – Carter & Reagan Campaign, Mayport & All That Jazz, Kent Campus Opens

George Farrar presents a History of Jacksonville as it was in the year 1980. We look at the decade of the 1970’s that brought us to 1980 , a pivotal year for America, as President Carter campaigned for re-election and Ronald Reagan visited Hemming Plaza to campaign for President. Kent Campus opens in December, 1979 just in time for the 80’s, Muhammad Ali visits Mayor Godbold, The Mayport & All That Jazz Festival attracts people from all over, Exploring the Beach Blvd T-Rex, and the Showbiz Pizza on Atlantic Blvd. TheJaxLeft is a Politics & History Channel for The People of Jacksonville, Florida. Enjoy all of our shows at theleftturnnetwork.com

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