Exploring The Golden Age of Movies, Television, & The Hollywood Stars – Inside The Hollywood Museum

Join me in this special show within our “LA 23! series, as we explore The Golden Age of Movies & Television inside The Hollywood Museum (the historic Max Factor Building) located at 1660 N. Highland Avenue in Hollywood by viewing artifacts from those times. In the show, I dedicated The entire “LA 23!” series on this channel in tribute to the creativity of the late television and movie actor Paul Reubens. He died 11 days after my visit to the museum. See exhibits about actors, actresses, hero characters, movies, and television shows including: ” The Wizard of Oz”, Marilyn Monroe, Lucille Ball accepting an Emmy Award, Laurel & Hardy, “Batman & Robin”, “The Godfather” “The Waltons” (Michael Learned & Richard Thomas accepting Emmy Awards) , “Star Wars”, “Ghostbusters”, “Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure”,

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