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Mayor Curry Gears Up to Sell His 1/2 Cent Sales Tax Extension to Voters & JSO Shootings Questioned

Today on The Jax Left Report – Mayor Lenny Curry is expecting to spend around a million dollars hawking his 1/2 Cent Sales Tax Extension to Voters to fund what the city owes Police & Fire for their pensions while Sheriff Williams is dogged about a recent officer involved shooting at 9th & Liberty Streets.

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A Strange Crossroads – Reaping the Whirlwind on The Eve of Trump versus Clinton

Today on the Farrar Report I discuss the strange crossroads that America finds itself in May 2016 as a Trump versus Clinton matchup appears likely. I also share my plans ahead for the upcoming campaigns and size up the political landscape. Enjoy all of our shows at

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Jacksonville History Our Avondale, Cool Homes of Avondale, Boone Park, Finding The Balance

In this episode of History Jacksonville, we continue to explore the Riverside/Avondale neighborhood, visiting Boone Park, exploring St Johns Avenue, Cool Homes of Avondale, The Whiteway Corner , and discuss how important that it is to balance the needs and desires of residents and businesses in the neighborhoods. Enjoy The Jax Left – A Progressive, […]

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