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HORIZONS-Imagining The Future at Disney’s EPCOT Center 1983-1999-A Tribute

Today on Memories for the People, George Farrar presents a tribute to the epic dark ride at Disney’s EPCOT Center that from 1983-1999 showed visions of the future. Stay tuned here for more about America’s amazing culture-including television, film, music, and more.

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Our Mandarin in the 19th Century- Jacksonville History -On the Florida Frontier

Today on History Jacksonville, from Walter Jones Historical Park, I discuss the development of Mandarin in the 19th Century during perilous and promising times as Florida emerged into statehood and steamboats brought the first tourists to Duval County. Excerpts are included from Harriet Beecher Stowe’s “Palmetto Leaves” and Mary Graff’s 1953 book about Mandarin.

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The Farrar Report at One Spark 2015 – A Springtime Cornucopia of Creativity, Innovation & Ideas

On Saturday April 11, 2015 The Farrar Report was at One Spark, the annual Jacksonville Crowd Sourcing Festival. Enjoy a celebration of the arts and innovation. As we do every Spring, the channel goes off the air for a week-so no Farrar Report on April 19. The Farrar Report Returns at 7pm Eastern on Sunday, […]

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