The Bold New City of The South-Jacksonville, Florida Commemorative Bicentennial Retrospective Presented by George Farrar

Welcome to The Bold New City of The South-Commemorative Bicentennial Retrospective-Photos & Illustrations 1946-1995-It’s my pleasure to present to you this special show spanning the years 1946-1995-very amazing years for the city-of which I experienced 20 of them. I invite you to enjoy this musical photographic and illustrative retrospective. It is a retrospective for enjoyment from my history photographic collection -not a comprehensive history. It was created to reflect unique moments in the city’s history. I lived in Jacksonville in the last quarter of the 20th Century and for over a decade during the 21st Century. I had so many great memories over those years living in Arlington, Mandarin, and The Westside. The tribute spans the years 1946-1995. A fortunate and exciting time. Jacksonville is an amazing city that I always believed should have it’s stories shown for everyone to enjoy. In 2012, I began producing history shows on YouTube. This broadcast now concludes the production phase of my Jacksonville history film project, that I anticipated only doing for 6 months back then. Please join me on “History Jacksonville!” on Facebook where there is even more Jacksonville History for you to enjoy. You can always enjoy over 120 of my videos on YouTube about Jacksonville.

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