1830s North America – Pioneers Move West, The Trail of Tears, Santa Anna,The Republic of Texas Rises

Welcome back to History San Diego! It’s time again to broaden our focus from San Diego and study the issues, events, and innovations impacting North America- in the decade of the 1830s. Join George Farrar as he talks about the rise of Santa Anna in Mexico, President Andrew Jackson in the United States, the Rise of The Republic of Texas from Mexico, and the tragedy of The Trail of Tears brought about by the illegal implementation of the Indian Removal Act of 1830. Year by year, more and more settlers are heading West , closer and closer to The Pacific, as San Diego moves forward towards it’s destiny. Please note that I will be presenting a discussion of slavery in the United States in our North America show focusing on the 1840s next year, including the map I referenced in this show. Join us on Facebook Groups at History San Diego! and History California! and at theleftturnnetwork.com for even more History!

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