JAX 93-Jacksonville in 1993

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It’s Time for JAX 93-Jacksonville as it was in the Year 1993! 1993 was a very special year. It was the year that had perhaps the happiest day in Jacksonville’s history: November 30, 1993 the date on which Jacksonville was awarded the NFL team-The Jaguars. The City Council also approved an approximately 235 million dollar […]

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San Diego History-The Early Years at Mission San Diego de Alcalá

San Diego, San Diego History, Junipero Serra, California History, Mission System, The Catholic Church, Mission San Diego de Alcalá , The 1775 Revolt, Luis Jayme Enjoy another History San Diego show as we learn about the early years following the 1769 Spanish Conquest (1770-1775) Learn about the 2nd tragic revolt attempt against the Mission in […]

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JAX 92 The Westside I-295 Incidents, The River City Renaissance Urban Renewal Plan

George Farrar presents JAX 92-Jacksonville as it was in the Year 1992. Learn about Mayor Ed Austin’s leadership team which included a future Mayor, John Delaney- and about the River City Renaissance Urban Renewal concept that was proposed to revitalize the city. Hear about George’s experiences living on the Westside and about the I-295 Incidents […]

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A World War You Can TikTok In

  • A World War You Can TikTok In

Practical Living Amidst Global Chaos and Dysfunction- Making Sense of February, 2022 Back in 2019, I realized we were amidst information warfare within social media that was going to extend into the Future: Trumpism, rumors, downright lies and calls for rebellion -manifested in the attempt to obstruct the certification of the 2020 Presidential and Vice-Presidential […]

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JAX 91 Jacksonville in 1991 Austin Defeats Hazouri, old Acosta Bridge closes, New Jail Opens

Enjoy Jacksonville as it was in the Year 1991. In 1991, State Attorney Ed Austin narrowly defeated incumbent Mayor Tommy Hazouri, the current Duval County Jail opened , the old Acosta bridge closed to give way to the construction of the new Acosta bridge and Skyway crossing- & the NFL announces that 2 expansion teams […]

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A Lively Ride on The Blue Line from 12th & Imperial to America Plaza -New Year’s Day, January 1, 2022

On January 1, 2022 , I rode the Blue Line trolley from the 12th and Imperial Transit Center to America Plaza. It was a lively and musical ride as the trolley passed thru Downtown San Diego so I had to film it for you to enjoy 🙂 It even had classic and contemporary music from […]

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